Heidedal volunteers to assist with queues at Twin City

A policeman tries to maintain order at the main gate of the Twin City Mall during the first day of the national lockdown on Friday. PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN
Heidedal resident and community leader, Logan Kruger, is planning on helping to reduce the possibility of Coronavirus infections at Twin City Mall during tomorrow and Tuesday’s Sassa payouts. Normally around 25000 people visit the mall per day during Sassa payouts.
This comes after residents stood in long queues at the mall on the first few days of the national lockdown, rarely practicing social distancing.
In anticipation of the large numbers of shoppers that are expected tomorrow and on Tuesday, Kruger sent out a plea to her community, which was heeded by residents. “Firstly we needed about 10 to 20 volunteers, which we already have. We just need to train them. I have also secured 300 chairs for shoppers to sit on, a sound system to make communication with the shoppers easier, as well as sanitisers to reduce the risks.
“I have also informed the management of Twin City of our plans and they have responded positively. They have offered to donate masks and gloves for the volunteers, as well as caps to protect them from the harsh winter sun. In addition, they will also be supplying food and drinks for the volunteers,” said Kruger.
Logan Kruger
Kruger told Bloemontein Courant that for the sake of social distancing the chairs will be set up at least one metre apart on the pavement outside the mall. The sanitiser will be used to sanitise the hands of everyone moving into the mall.
She said that having the chairs already spaced out will help with social distancing. “The moment people are siting they become calmer. We are also looking for a sponsor to make them sandwiches to hand out while they wait in line. Especially to those that you can see are hungry,” explained Kruger.
Kruger also had a meeting with the Station Commander of the Heidedal Police Station, Colonel Itumeleng Pule, who has been very welcoming. They are also working with a social worker who received the relevant permission for them to be outside during the lockdown.
The volunteers will be at the Twin City main gate tomorrow morning from 06:45, and people will be able to identify them by their uniform, which includes blue jeans, white T-shirts and black Twin City caps. They will be at Twin City until 13:00.
Kruger has pleaded with the community to give their full cooperation and support to the volunteers. “They are not here to police you, but to make sure you are as safe as possible while doing your shopping. Especially our senior citizens are the most vulnerable, and we need to work together to ensure their safety,” Kruger concluded.
Anyone who can assist with a sponsorship or contribution to prepare sandwiches for the elderly who will be queuing at Twin City the next few days, can call Kruger on 072-601-6662. – Seithati Semenokane