Heidedal Parkrun reaches 100th parkrun event


The Heidedal parkrun runners are running their 100th parkrun event on the 6th of April and  are inviting registered Bloemfontein runners to come and enjoy themselves.

Race director, Edwin Jacquire, told Bloemfontein Courant that the Heidedal parkrun is currently the most central parkrun in the city and it is open to everyone in and around the area. People who aren’t registered for parkrun may also come and enjoy the morning event if they do not run.

He further said that they started the Heidedal parkrun in May 2017, so they have a lot to celebrate at the moment as their birthday is also around the corner. Jacquire said that there are many milestones that can be reached when being a part of this international event.

Everyone who is interested in the event should come dressed in black or any dark colours in order to paint Heidedal black – as this is the colour for the 100th event milestone.

“The event will start at 8 am sharp, for those struggling to find the venue, just type ‘Heidedal parkrun’ into google maps and it should take you right to the starting line.”

“We hope that there will be more than 100 runners taking part,” he concluded. – Sazly Hartzenberg