Heidedal needs a skatepark

Members of the skateboard crew, Cloud9ine, with children in Heidedal. From the back, left to right, are Malachi Botha, Curtleigh Smith and Dillon Johnson (Crew leader).

A group of young hopefuls that go by the name of Cloud9ine, are looking to change the game for children living in Heidedal. “We believe if the youth of Heidedal have the right facilities to keep them busy and away from all the negative things they see in the community on a daily basis, a facility like a skatepark could offer them that positive environment to grow both mentally and physically,” said Malachi Botha, skater from Cloud9ine. The skate crew, aged 15 – 21, decided that enough is enough and are standing together to take a stand for the youth of Heidedal against drug and alcohol abuse. “The skateboarding scene is big and it has potential to change lives. We are also busy with a petition for a skatepark in Heidedal,” said Botha.
The crew also teaches children the basics of skateboarding in their free time. They aim to educate children on skateboarding and give them a new hobby to keep them busy and away from all negative aspects in the community. “The skatepark will also feature motivational speaking, tutors to help the kids with homework when they get home from school and the goal is to actually make a difference,” added Dillon Johnson, crew leader.