Heidedal actor credits Bfn for success

Actor, presenter and radio DJ, Maurice Carpede, says his experiences in Bloemfontein led him to where he is today. PHOTO: SMILEFM

Actor and media personality, Maurice Carpede, says had it not been for HeideDrama, a drama group established for the youth of Heidedal in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he believes he would not be where he is today with his career.
“My whole life as it is today was shaped by my experiences in Bloemfontein. I was a part of a group of naughty boys and though we were not gangsters as we know gangsters today, we were nonetheless known for our mischief. At some point, I did not want to be remembered for that. I was in Grade 10 when I made the conscious decision to change my life and surround it with more positive influences,” he says.
Carpede says after breaking away from the group, he joined HeideDrama and remembers being mocked for being a nerd. Despite this, he did not regret the move as he says it rekindled him with his passion for acting and performing, which he had always had as a young boy.
Offering advice for youths in Heidedal and other communities in Bloemfontein, Carpede says they should think about the direction they want their lives to take and focus on pursuing happiness and positivity.
He also adds that community leaders and members should create activities that reinforce the inherent talents of youths and also help them develop new ones that the young people of these communities may want to participate in so that the likelihood of joining gangs is reduced.
As a prominent figure, he also says he believes that the onus is on him and other people from Heidedal who have made a success of their lives to inspire young children in the community to want to make something positive of their lives and pursue their dreams.
Carpede was born in Ficksburg but grew up in Bloemfontein and attended Heide Primary and Dr Blok High School before moving on to the University of the Free State. He has worked as a presenter for SABC 2’s Pasella and Sweepslag and has also acted in the daily drama, Generations, as a character called Miles.
His latest role will be as Impi Buthelezi, in an upcoming local film called, The Recce, which will run in selected cinemas on 8 September 2017. Currently, he is also a DJ for SmileFm, a radio station in Cape Town. – Pulane Choane