Heide Sports Day needs sponsorship

The first Heide sports day was a great success, with community members and parents showing up in large numbers to support the initiative. PHOTO: SEITHATI SEMENOKANE.

The second annual fundraiser sports day will once again be held at Heide Primary by the Heidedal Local Drug Awareness Campaign (HLDAC) on 16 June 2018. HDLAC chairperson, Gregory Werner, says they are having a tough time getting sponsors for this year’s event.
“We haven’t had any feedback yet from sponsors, except one business which will help us out with juice for the event. Last year’s sponsor for the medals was not a business, but a private person, who unfortunately won’t be able to help us this year. It was also the biggest sponsor we had, as the medals are the most costly items on our request list,” said Werner.
Items on the sponsorship list include medals, the rental of sound equipment, tuckshop supplies for sales and flyers for event marketing. “And we feel the medals are an important part of the event because we want to actually celebrate the children and recognise their efforts,” he added.
The sports day is held to raise drug awareness within the community. “Between 2013 and 2016 the drug-related crime figure in Heidedal increased with a staggering 210% and this warranted a call to action which gave birth to HLDAC. Ever since HLDAC was established in 2017, the drug related-crime stats were reversed by 12, 9%. I believe that our rigorous awareness campaign roll outs all over Mangaung have contributed in this drop of drug related crime figures,” said Werner.
Last year the event hosted five schools and private clubs who took part in the wrestling, netball and soccer tournaments. They managed to raise R16 000 for the school, which included the medal sponsorship. They will be including chess on the programme this year, with even more schools wanting to take part.
Speakers for his year’s event include Advocate Kuni Ditira, Victory Outreach Recovering Addicts – who will also be performing a play on awareness – as well as the Free State Psychiatric Complex Programme Director, Alex Masilonyana, who will be discussing concerns of drug related psychosis. The department of Social Development has also indicated an interest in the event. “Last year was a great success and I am still hopeful that we can have the same this year,” Werner concluded.
To find out more about helping out, contact Gregory Werner at 084-310-4596 or email him at gregg.werner@gmail.com.

Seithati Semenokane