Heatwave, high fire danger conditions expected

The SAWS has warned that South Africa is in for a hot summer with El Niño conditions. Image: istock

The South African Weather Services has issued an advisory on the heatwave in parts of the Free State today.

“A heatwave with persistently high temperatures is expected over the Northern Cape, except the Kamiesberg and Richtersveld Local Municipalities; and over the Free State, except in the north-east, until Monday and over the north-eastern parts of Eastern Cape until Wednesday.”

In addition, a fire danger warning has been issued for the Mangaung and Letsemeng Local Municipalities of the Free State. The SAWS says that extreme high fire danger conditions are to be expected in those regions.

Today’s weather forecast, according to SAWS, is as follows:

Fine becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon.

Minimum/Maximum: 20/34

Compiled by Gypseenia Lion