Healthy Gourmet Burger


Healthy Gourmet Burger

Chicken breasts are probably one of the most underrated pieces of meat. They don’t have much flavour and we tend to overcook them most of the time, but with a little love and attention they make a healthy alternative to that greasy burger you buy from the your local take-away. Chef Niemand shows us how to create a gourmet burger that is healthy and the perfect meal for children and adults alike. Serves 4 (easy to prepare)

White bean and coriander spread

1 tin (410g) butter beans,drained
  Some crushed garlic (to taste)
5ml lemon juice
10g (5ml) fresh coriander, chopped
30ml olive oil

Coriander has an acquired taste and is related to the parsley family. Keep fresh in refrigerator by keeping it in a glass of water, cover with a plastic bag, replace water every second day. It will last for 4 weeks in refrigerator.


  1. Place all the above ingredients except the olive oil and fresh coriander in a food processor and blend until smooth – add the olive oil and coriander and blend to combine, season with salt and freshly grinded black pepper.

Orange and Fennel salad

stick celery, thinly sliced
1ea fennel bulb, thinly sliced
2ea oranges, 1 – juice, 1 – segments
grated carrots


  1. Mix together to make a salad.

For the chicken breast

  1. Use 4x chicken breasts and brush them with some olive oil and season lightly – fry in a medium size saucepan until cooked, 8-10minutes.
  2. Use 4x burger buns and cut in half. Spread with the bean and coriander spread, top with lettuce leaves, chicken breast and orange salad – serve with oven-baked chips.

Toast the burger buns on the sliced side in a toaster or dry pan before the burger is compiled – it will make the burger less soggy.