Health blogger inspired by infused tea

Food blogger and recipe developer, Yena Mgobhozi

Growing up, a weight problem is a challenging experience for many, but food blogger and recipe developer, Yena Mgobhozi, has managed to use this experience to help improve her health. She has a collaborated with Five Roses to show people how to use infusion teas in healthy recipes.

“I grew up in Bloemfontein but I am originally from a rural area called Groutville in KwaZulu-Natal. I was raised by very traditional parents; my siblings and I grew up eating a lot of traditional Zulu food prepared by my mother, who is an amazing cook in her own right. I was 12 when I was diagnosed with heart problems due to my weight. There was too much fat surrounding my heart, which caused an irregular heartbeat,” said Mgobhozi.
In her final year at university, Mgobhozi struggled a lot with her menstruation cycle, which was also due to her weight.

This encouraged her to research healthy eating and weight loss. “After I had gathered enough information, I set a date at the end of March 2016 and I took my health back. My motivation was definitely my health. Seeing my health taking a dramatic change from unhealthy to healthy is what still motivates me today. One quote that kept me going (still does), is: “Our health always seems more valuable once we lose it”, from,” she said.

Food blogger and recipe developer, Yena Mgobhozi lost 20 kg within a year through researching healthy eating.

Within a year she had lost 20 kg. “I can never stress this enough. Weight loss starts in the kitchen and that is where my weight loss journey started. I created healthy recipes that would satisfy my cravings. I looked for healthier options of my favourite unhealthy foods. I am not saying that I didn’t treat myself with a burger or pizza once in a while. I combined this with 30 minutes of intense exercise six days a week.

I would always make sure that I had healthy food prepared in advance, so I was never tempted to eat something I was not meant to eat. I never starved myself to lose weight, I just made sure I eat healthy calorie-dense food that would satisfy me for at least three hours until my next meal,” she explained.

Mgobhozi added that drinking tea helped through her weight loss journey. “Five Roses is a brand I love and trust. When they released their new infusion teas, I knew I wanted to create fun, healthy and simple recipes. They were kind enough to send me their infusion teas to develop recipes for my blog and socials, and some of my recipes are on their Instagram page, she said.

For more on Yena Mgobhozi, visit her personal blog, Your kitchen is your new gym:

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