He takes care of us


Brenda Myburgh

In 1 Pet 5:7 God talks about casting all of our cares on Him. The Amplified Bible explains this to be all our anxieties, worries and concerns. Imagine writing all our cares on a piece of paper and putting it in a box with a card – “To God. Please take care of my present.” Once we have given it to Him we can’t try and take it because He might be too slow for us. God will never take what you won’t give to Him. As soon as you take it back, it will become yours. Maybe you feel that God is too busy to help or that you are not worthy of His help. With our troubled world today, why would God take time to help us? Ps 55:22 says we must release the weight of our burden on Him, He will never allow the consistently righteous to be moved. When we walk in righteousness with God we are allowed to hand our cares to Him. The secret is to leave the “present” with Him and not to try and take it back. He cares!

Be blessed

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