‘He Banna!’


A seasoned content writer, author, and broadcaster in South Africa, Ace Moloi, has recently unveiled his latest literary venture titled He Banna! – Inside South Africa’s First Imaginary Men’s Conference.

Inspired by the need to address various aspects of masculinity, Moloi explained that the title He Banna! serves as a multifaceted Sesotho phrase, signifying caution, attention, and a call for men to engage in dialogue about their issues.

“The book itself causes many ‘He Banna!’ moments as nobody really expected anyone to write about the imaginary men’s conference that we ‘go’ to every Valentine’s Day,” said Moloi.

The official cover of the book. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Moloi hopes readers will find enjoyment in the book while exploring themes such as men’s sexual and mental health, rape culture, personal development, and fatherhood. “The concept is intended to make the book less preachy and more relatable, engaging, and ideally gripping.”

Reflecting on his writing process, Moloi highlights moments when his wife became his sounding board, enriching the creative journey. “I would tell her about delegations, their policies, what they wanted the conference to pass as its resolutions and just about everything concerning the project,” he expressed.

Describing his writing style as emotive, simple, and humour-laced, Moloi invites readers to delve into the pages of He Banna!. “It’s one of those styles you either get or don’t, depending on your orientation. But for those who get it, it’s a page-turner,” he said.

The book will soon be available at bookshops and directly through him. For those who would like to get their hands on it now, it’s already selling as an eBook on Kindle and readers can simply follow his Kindle author page to buy it.

Justine Fortuin