HCF keeping children’s dreams alive

The ten students who have been chosen to participate in the Championships in 2020.


The Heidedal Chess Foundation (HCF) is hosting their first fundraising event, in front of the Lee Marco Centre today and they are inviting the community to come and support.

According to Meloney Shariff, the funds will be going towards the costs of the students who have been selected to participate in the South African Junior Chess Championships, in January 2020, in Johannesburg, to represent the Free State.

She explained that, ten of their students have been selected and the challenge is to raise enough money for all of them to go and take part. “All in all, it will be R7 000 per student and our students really cannot afford it, so we are asking for the help of community.”

Shariff explained that some of the children have never been outside of Bloemfontein and this will be a dream come true for them. She says that being part of a team such as HCF, helps to keep the children off the streets and out of mischief and gives them something to look forward to.  “We will be having various fundraising events during this month and they will be communicated closer to the time.”

The team will be outside the Lee Marco Centre until late today and residents can go and take a look at all the treats that they have on offer.

Sazly Hartzenberg