Have a light meal with pasta 2


Last week Chef Suné gave some quick ideas on how to jazz up an Italian masterpiece by making a unique sauce for your pasta. Today she shares two more sauce recipes.

Linguine with basil and rocket
(Serves 2)

This takes 30 minutes to prepare and will make you fall in love with the herb-infused cream as sauce for your pasta.

250g pasta (preferably linguine) – for 2 adults
20g each of basil and rocket
250ml cream
  Half a small onion, chopped
  Pesto – as needed


  1. Infuse 250ml cream with basil (20g) and rocket (20g) and half a small chopped onion over a low heat in a small saucepan.
  2. Cook 250g pasta (linguine) in 1,5 litres salted boiling water till firm to the bite – drain and toss into the infused cream.Add a few tablespoons of pesto for added flavour.
  3. Serve linguine with a protein of your choice such as smoked chicken (Feinschmecker from CHECKERS), strips of ham or smoked salmon. If the cream is too rich you can substitute it with pesto.