Have a great gut feeling for a better you

At the launch of the book "Have a great gut feeling" is from the left: Jobert Buys, Heidi Tromp (author), Anita Tromp (co-author) PHOTO: Heidre Malgas

Heidi Tromp Buys, who has always been fascinated by the brain-gut connection dysfunction and the association thereof with autoimmune diseases has launched her book, Have a Great Gut Feeling, on Friday 8 November at the Anta Boga Hotel.

An intimate get-together was held in honour of her. The book is based on her passion of the brain-gut connection with the help of her mother, Anita Tromp, with the extensive knowledge of dietary is also the co- author of the book.

Tromp completed her B.Pharm degree at the North-West University in 2006. In 2014, she completed her Master’s degree on the associations of IBS, depression and anxiety. Her field of study was Pharmacology.

She was enrolled at the medical school of the University of the Free State. She presented her findings at the annual Faculty research forum of the UFS. “I am a pharmacist and worked in retail as well, and I came to the realisation that people who are on anti-depressants or anxiety medication tend to get medication for the stomach or gut as well, it started to interest me a lot and I started wondering with there is not some type of coloration between the two,” she said.

All the factors spoken about in the book will help with the positive factors of the body. Jobert Buys, Heidi’s husband, described the book as the solution to the problem. “All the facts in the book is scientifically proven and is also very interactive with QR codes which you scan on your smartphone and takes you directly to a video,” he said.

With the help of her husband, Jobert, who compiled the book to perfection and her mother, Anita, the co-author of the book, Heidi is also truly grateful to God who walked the journey with them and hopes to achieve great success with the book.

Heidre Malgas