Happy and healthy Rusty ready for a forever home

Inspector Duán Matthee from the SPCA posing with Rusty

After suffering a great deal of abuse and severe injuries, Rusty is now healthy and ready to be taken into a loving forever home. The Bloemfontein Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has made the announcement after months of recovery for the canine who lost his eye after trying to protect his owner during an episode of domestic violence.

The organisation thanks every individual who have helped with donations towards the successful surgery of Rusty. The dog loved his physio and quickly learned how to walk normally again. Rusty is now ready to be taken in and according to the SPCA, he loves to play in the yard and to be spoiled with treats and teddies.

Rusty still needs his daily dose of exercise in the form of a walk around the block. The BFN SPCA has asked the public to pop by for a possible adoption.

Pierce van Heerden