Hand in hand


There is a definite relation between the path we choose and the joy we experience in life because of that choice. Proverbs 4:26-27 says that we should consider well the path of our feet. It comes down to a choice.

No matter what our background or current situation, everything we do is a choice made by us alone. It is very easy to blame other people or circumstances for our current unhappiness.
The reality is that no one can force us to choose incorrectly. Bad decisions lead to bad experiences in our lives. These two go hand in hand.
The way we live will either lead to a life full of joy or one with despair and desperation. We shall have the feeling of being lost and not knowing why we seem to be in a hole we can’t come out of. Somewhere we made a choice that lead to this moment in our lives. That is what Solomon, called the wisest man who ever lived, tried to explain to us. We need to be careful when setting up our lives and the path we choose to follow. Our way of life will inevitably influence our joy and happiness on earth.

Be blessed
Brenda Myburgh
Sheer Poise