#GymSavesLives campaign launches today


Gym employees and fitness enthusiasts nationwide are set to embark on a national protest today, Wednesday 5 August 2020, against the closure of gyms in South Africa due to lockdown and the irrationality of the lockdown restrictions at gyms and fitness facilities.

The gyms have been closed since the beginning of lockdown and the gym industry in South Africa employs about 29 000 people of which each feeds at least four mouths. This means that the gym industry supports about 114 000 livelihoods at approximately 1036 gyms. Many gym empolyees are taking a lot of strain concerning their jobs.

According to FITSA, a non-profitable organisation representing more than 750+ independent gyms nationwide, it fully supports the initiative by gym employees nationwide in their national protest. The organisation added that the fitness industry has been completely left behind, with absolutely no support from government.

According to FITSA, everyone is invited to participate to show solidarity with gyms and fitness facilities. Show your support by gathering at your nearest gym from 12:00 – 14:00, dressed in black-and-white gym attire with the hashtags. Groups of no more than 50 people will silently protest while taking pictures and adhering to social distancing at all times.

FITSA also said if you are unable to go to the gym, please wear black-and-white gym clothes with the hashtags #GymSavesLives #OpenOurGyms #JobsSavesLives and take pictures for social media.

Heidre Malgas