Grunt 19 September 2012


You can say what you like about the rainbow nation, the cultural diversity of our people, the potential of our national languages, and all that stuff, but it overlooks the intrusion of all these internet rogues. As I’ve mentioned before, a great many other folks have found themselves magically turned into multimillionaires in lotteries for which they’ve never heard of and for which they’ve never bought a ticket. Most of us have also been bombarded by an astounding number of institutions – many suffering from the delusion that they can be considered “banks” – offering cheap, affordable, cost-effective loans for houses, cars, and all the other accoutrements necessary for making oneself a lifelong victim of extortionate interest rates. In passing, while we were in Clarens, I saw on Sky News that the interest rate in England has been held steady for another three or six months, whatever the period. The current rate stands at 0.5%, would you believe? So, it’s understandable that people might just be tempted to fall for the newest lending rates offered by these dubious internet swindlers. I’ve also noted before that I find it difficult to understand why we’ve been so willing to allow our economy to fall into foreign hands, together with huge sectors of the retail market. I was looking for a pair of pants the other day. No, whether I like it or now, I take a size 38 waist. I choose a pair, but don’t have time to fiddle about with fitting rooms and what have you at that particular juncture. So I whip them home later in the day, and attempt to try them on. They’re clearly labelled: 38 waist. I shove my left leg into them, only to discover that I can’t get it all the way in. I check the label again: quite distinctly it says 38 waist. I thought I might try the right leg instead. Same outcome. If I poked both ankles in, then the waistband fitted neatly round my knees. I check again: size 38 waist. Then I see in tiny letters: Made in China.