Grunt 11 Desember 2012


It’s that time of year again. The silly season is upon us, and it’s becoming sillier by the year. The whole festive season has long ceased to have anything to do with peace on earth and goodwill to all people. Instead, it’s become a total onslaught on consumers’ bank accounts.

One of the things that really gets up my nose at this time of year is the prodigious quantity of advertising material we get on an almost daily basis. Just to get a rough idea of how much we were bombarded with, we took it upon ourselves to gather up the junk mail we received in the course of just one week: pamphlet, flyers, catalogues, Christmas specials, the lot. Starting with the Sunday papers, we piled up all this stuff together, until, by Friday, we had enough to fill a refuse bag. And the glossy magazines are far from innocent. Equally interesting is to see what happens to a good deal of it, as it is left to blow about on the wind and drift all over the streets; the mess is no less bothersome than the polystyrene take-away containers and empty plastic cooldrink bottles.

Ironically, a substantial proportion of this mountain of discarded paper comes from large organisations that assert, with considerable pride, that they’ve gone “green” and are doing everything possible to save the planet! Of course, they don’t specify which planet. It can’t be this one because they’re hacking down thousands of acres of trees every year to produce their festive season advertisements.

And, as I’m sure you’ve experienced, the internet at this time of year is more overwhelmed than usual with spam from con artists everywhere. In our pamphlet-collecting week, I also received some 20 messages from Saint William, urging me to open a personal message from God, assuring me that He has vaults brimming with cash that He wishes to put into my personal bank account. All Willie needed was my bank PIN.

If we carry on like this, there’ll soon be no earth to have peace on.
Here’s a brochure
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