Grunt – 05 March 2014


I have a very dear cousin who lives in England – in one of the remaining dry parts – and he has been kind enough to send me what he has called a real-life Grunt experience. I thought I’d like to pass it on to you, if only to let you know that it’s not only South Africa that has its fair share of dumb citizens. So let me hand you over to my cousin:
A few days ago, I acquired a new mobile phone. Everything was fine, data transferred, etc., all done on-line but I needed to go to the phone shop in the city to get a new case. There was a small queue.
The person in front of me moved forward, handed their phone to the assistant, and said, “Can you fix this? I can receive calls but when I answer, it’s like there is no one there. I recognize the numbers on the screen, so I know the calls are genuine, but it’s no good if I can’t hear anything.” “OK” says the techie, and takes the phone into the back room/workshop. After a few minutes, he comes back holding two phones and returns one to the customer with, “Try that. I am going to phone you.” He then goes back to the workshop, and then the customer’s phone rings. There is an exchange and the techie comes back to the counter. The customer says, “That’s fine now, thank you. What was wrong? Was it serious?” “No – I just turned the volume up from 0 to 10. It should be alright now!”
So there you are. Resign yourself to the fact that they’re everywhere!
And I mean everywhere. Just recently, my wife was in hospital for quite a lengthy stay. This meant that other patients would come and go while she stuck it out. One of those admitted was suffering from chronic diarrhoea. One of the nursing staff, obliged to fill in another of those interminable forms, asked rather primly, “Has your tummy worked today?” The lady replied: “You’re kidding!”
See what I mean? Everywhere!