Griekwastad trial – Stephen Mohithli on the stand


Marine Jacobs

Kimberley. – An officer from the Criminal Records Centre in Kimberley and fingerprint expert, Constable Stephen Mohithli, testified in the Griekwastad triple murder trial today.

A 16 year old stand accused of the murders of Deon, Christelle and Marthella Steenkamp on their farm Naauwhoek outside Griekwastad in April last year.

Mohithli testified that he made a video and conducted a fingerprint investigation on the crime scene on the night of the murders. The video, containing graphic images was also shown in court.

Mohithli testified that he looked for fingerprints on the tables, counters, fridge, telephone and an open safe in the main bedroom.
He said although he found prints on the safe, it could not be used for identification purposes as it did not contain the minimum requirements of seven points.

Mohithli said he also found fingerprints on a drinking glass found on the grass outside the house. They however did not match any of the prints provided to him including those of the accused.

State prosecutor Hannes Cloete pointed out that Marthella’s fingerprints were not provided to Mohithli. His (Mohithli’s) testimony continues after 14h00.