Grey v Affies Wrap

Mark Steenbok

As the dust settles on the big Classic Clash between Grey College and the Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool this past weekend, we look at the overall sport results.

Wrap of results:


Grey’s first team lose by 2-5
Grey’s second team win by 3-1
Grey’s third team win by 1-0

16A 2-0 Win
16B: 2-1 Win
16C 3-0Win
16D 2-2 draw
16E 1-2 Lose
16F 0-3 Lose


The first and second chess teams from Grey College both won their respective matches against Affies on Friday in the Library where some of the best chess players on the SA schools rankings were in action on the day.

Grey A team win by: 6-3
Grey B team wins by: 5-1


First team: 8-1 (Grey)
Second team 3-6 (Affies)
Third team 5-3 (Grey)
15A 9-0 (Grey)
15B 8-1(Grey)

Table Tennis:

Grey lose by 12-31


6-20 (Affies)

Mountain Biking:

Grey win 132-75

Golf results against Affies and Pretoria Boys High (Dewetsdorp):

Grey first golf team wins by 6.5-2.5
Grey’s second team lose by 3.5-5.5
Third team win by 3-6

Pretoria Boys High:

First team win by 6.5-2.5
Second team win by 8.5-0.5
Third team win by 8-1

Culture Evening: (Grey College choir)