Grant recipients will receive payments on 17 Dec


Social Relief of Distress grants will be paid to beneficiaries on 17 December.

This was confirmed by the SA Post Office and the last three digits of the beneficiaries’ identity numbers indicate the day on which they can visit their nearest Post Office, provided they have received an SMS informing them that the grant has been paid in, Zululand Observer reports.

The dates for December 2021:
13 December: 080 & 085
14 December: 081 & 086
15 December: 082 & 087
16 December: No payments; public holiday
17 December: 083 & 088
20 December: 084 & 089
21 December: 080 & 085
22 December: 081 & 086
23 December: 082 & 087
24 December: No payments
27 December: No payments
28 December: 083 & 088
29 December: 084 & 089
30 December: 080 & 085
31 December: No payments

Grant payments in January
Meanwhile, the first week of January 2022 is reserved for the payment of grants to the elderly, child grants and disability grants. The rest of the month is dedicated to the payment of SRD grants.

Beneficiaries whose cell phone was used to apply for only one grant, can also withdraw their grant from Pick n Pay and Boxer supermarkets.

The beneficiary’s cell phone is part of the verification process at the supermarkets and this is therefore not available if more than one beneficiary used the same cell phone to apply for their grant.

Only beneficiaries who normally collect their grant from a Post Office branch have the option of collecting their grant from a Pick ‘n Pay or Boxer supermarket and they have to use the cellphone number that they used to apply for the grant.

The Post Office has reminded beneficiaries to follow protocols to reduce the spread of Covid-19, even when they are not on the Post Office premises where a queue marshal will assist with the adherence of Covid-19 protocols.

Zululand Observer/Conelia Harry