Gr. 8 learners excited to start high school


Schools are re-opening across the country today for the 2017 academic year, and for many it is the first day of their high school careers.

Megan Noome (13) from Bloemfontein is one of these learners. She has enrolled at Eunice High School and is excited and a bit nervous about the year ahead.

She is looking forward to the activities at school. For the first two weeks, all the newcomers will be engaged in various activities which entail sleeping at the school.

Bokamoso Mothupi is also a grade 8 learner at Eunice. She is a bit scared of what lies ahead and realises the school work will be more difficult than that of primary school.

Mothupi says she is however prepared and knows she needs to work hard in order to create a better future for herself.

“I hope to achieve a great standard in my work and to make Eunice and my parents proud,” she says.

Christal-Lize Muller/Courant News