Government urges South Africans to vote in the upcoming general elections

Picture used for illustration purposes. Photo: Gypseenia Lion

The South African Government has urged citizens to exercise their voting rights in the upcoming National and Provincial Elections on Wednesday 29 May.

2024 signifies the seventh democratic election, commemorating 30 years since the historic 1994 elections. Nomonde Mnukwa, the Acting Director-General of the Government Communication and Information System, emphasised the importance of all eligible South Africans participating in this crucial democratic process.

“Citizens must vote not only in the upcoming general elections but also in all future elections. It is a right that South Africa achieved under extremely difficult and trying circumstances,” she said.

Amendments to Section 19(3) of the Bill of Rights, as outlined in the Constitution, guarantees that “every adult citizen has the right to vote in elections for any legislative body established in terms of the Constitution and do so in secret”.

This year marks the 28th anniversary of South Africa’s Constitution being established as the supreme law of the nation, a significant milestone in the country’s legal history.

Mnukwa pointed out that “the rights of South Africans are protected under the constitutional democracy which promotes inclusivity, equality, non-racialism, non-sexism, national unity, social cohesion, justice and diversity.”

“The majority of South Africans were denied the right to vote during the apartheid era. Many people fought for our freedom and democracy. Some people died while others were imprisoned,” the Acting Director-General stated.

“As South Africans, we must not take our democracy for granted because it did not come naturally. It came from the shedding of blood and tears,” she said.



Compiled by Warren Hawkins