Government celebrates Media Freedom Day

Media Freedom Day celebrated in South Africa/

Government joins South Africa’s media in commemorating the anniversary of Media Freedom Day known as “Black Wednesday” and commends the media industry in its role towards strengthening the country’s democracy.

The public sector in a statement say South African media plays a critical role in shaping public discourse, equipping citizens with information and enabling public participation. It believes it is through an informed and participative citizenry that, together with government, we continue to move South Africa forward.

South Africa today can proudly celebrate a free media which is vital to a healthy and vibrant democracy. The Constitution explicitly protects this hard fought freedom that is recognized as playing a critical role in the advancement of national unity and equality for all.

Acting Director-General of GCIS, Donald Liphoko, said, “The role played by the media in exposing the apartheid regime will not be forgotten. Today, government celebrates the country’s media as instrumental in realizing the National Development Plan’s vision   eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030.”

The media is regarded as a partner in nation building and in creating an inclusive society built on democratic values. Government says it believes more work must be done in deepening this partnership to produce a more reflective and fuller South African story.

Issued by Government Communication and Information System