Gordhan: Economists must understand global environment better



Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan says economists need to understand the global environment better.

Gordhan was speaking at a gala dinner of the Economic Society of South Africa, ESSA, at the University of the Free State last night.
The event, held bi-annually, attracted over 300 delegates from all economic sectors and universities locally and worldwide.

Gordhan says it is concerning that after the recession there is a worldwide lack of uniform growth, a slow-down in growth which is bad news for the country.

"But more importantly, how do we take on the central challenges in our own country, in this kind of context?  So, how do we get faster growth?  How do we make that growth inclusive?  Meaning al lot more people must benefit, either in the form of jobs or in income terms, better education or better housing, from the growth that actually occurs."