Good News Club aims to better LHP

Naledi Gouws, who established The Good News Club in Langenhoven Park in 2021.

“When the suburb wins, we all win!”. This is according to Naledi Gouws, who was part of the team that established The Good News Club in Langenhoven Park in 2021 as a registered non-profit company. She says local residents and businesses expressed the desire for LHP to be neater and cleaner, and the willingness to become involved in making positive changes in the suburb.

“We also wanted to create a group that is inclusive.” The Good News Club initially tidied up the gardens of the public library and clinic in Boerneef Street. This was done through the contributions of local funders. “We were able to expand the project and appoint two full-time workers to maintain these areas and go beyond this initial clean-up.

Ongoing projects include the cleaning and grass cutting of certain public parks and pavements, picking up litter, and rehabilitating the area around the LHP Post Office boxes to make it safer for residents and less attractive to criminal elements.”

Gouws added that the suburb could only be improved by the constructive involvement of local businesses and residents working together for the common good. “Rather than complaining, get involved in improving the situation! We also challenge more businesses in LHP to become more involved in supporting the area that keeps them thriving by becoming monthly contributors.”

On how the community can become involved, Gouws said, “Regular monthly funding helps us to plan ahead and keep projects sustainable, rather than just once-off initiatives. Individual households can contribute R250 per month, and businesses R1000 per month, in order to qualify as members.

Other donations of time, finances and resources are also welcome.”

Regular updates are posted on the Facebook group LHP’s The Good News Club. People who would like to assist can contact Gert on 082 228 1428, or email

Sazly Hartzenberg