God’s plan for the world


God loves planning. He’s been doing so before the world existed. The first sin committed by our first parents, Adam and Eve, was part of God’s plan to show us how merciful and gracious He is. It’s not possible for God to display these attributes in the trinity, yes they can show love towards each other but the three of them are perfect and therefore not in need of mercy or grace. God allows Adam and Eve to fall into sin resulting in the birth of billions of sinners and countless crimes against God so that He can send his son, Jesus, do die for them and by that show us the extent of his love (Rom 5v8).
God’s plan however is not complete. We are currently living in the church age and all that needs to happen is the second coming of Jesus Christ, which will result in the end of this age and until then God has a plan for each of our lives. For some of us He has planned a wife, children and vacations at the sea. For others he has planned singleness and gospel preaching in foreign countries. I’m convinced that God is busy raising a generation of men who will “be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men”-
1 Corinthians 16v14. This is part of God’s plan to redeem the culture of our societies through his body, the Church.
After an evening service at the church, 316 ministries, where I pastor, I sat down and watched the young men talking to the young women. Their conversations produced laughter and were pure. I was filled with excitement when I thought of what these men were and what they are now in Christ. Thinking of God’s plan for these people is so enjoyable, and you should delight in it too.