Gladiators’ Anti-Bullying Roadshow visits Bfn

Gladiator ‘Adira’

Cyber bullying and bullying in schools remains an issue in the City of Roses and to give children hope the Gladiators Anti-Bullying Roadshow has returned to Bloemfontein.

The Gladiators of 2022 have arrived to present 15 episodes of the craziest action ever in South Africa. But before the series explodes on screens across the length and breadth of South Africa, the Gladiators Anti-Bullying Roadshow will bring important information and advice on how to deal with bullying to children.

According to Gladiator “Adira” (Sonet Behr), they have been visiting schools to help children to deal with bullying. “We have visited Credence Primary as well as Olympia Primary School and will also make a turn at Heide Primary and Joe Solomon Primary School.”

She says they want to create a culture in schools that allows each child to be a hero in their own story. “Being a hero in your own story is not about stopping bad guys or climbing mountains but it is about overcoming the bullies in your life.” Behr says children need to be told that no matter what demons they fight, they will overcome.

Bullying is a situation where a child – or a person of any age – is subjected to verbal or physical threats, causing the person to feel extreme distress because of a real or perceived “power imbalance”. Bullying could lead to sleep disturbances and eating disorders and, in severe cases, put someone at greater risk of self-harm and even suicide.

According to Behr, “The Gladiators of 2022, in conjunction with the ATKV, are extremely proud to bring information and advice to children who may be subjected to bullying daily.”

Sazly Moses