Giving back to appreciative students

School shoes donated by Liberty Group.PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Liberty group’s winter school drive officially commenced on 12-13 June in Bloemfontein. The group donates school shoes to children who are from unfortunate backgrounds as a contribution to enhance their ability to focus in school and become better pupils in education.

According to senior specialist in the department of market development and worksite management, Kgwadu Machaka, Liberty Group partnered with the department of Education in selecting the various schools.

“Liberty Group donated 104 shoes to the needy learners at the school to Botlehadi Primary school as well as 1540 sanitary towels to 154 girls at the Grassland High School on 12 June,” Machaka mentioned.

Nozililo Macheli (liberty branch manager), Mosele Khutsi (deputy principal),Steven Mphanya and Kgwadu Vincent Machaka (Liberty worksite development manager) accompanied by a few students. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Machaka further mentioned that the winter drive initiative will go a long way in ensuring that the learners are not hindered by a lack of or no shoes to attend school.

The South African Police Services (SAPS) also joined the drive with a band to ensure that the drive remained safe for teaching and learning.

“Liberty Group pride themselves with their three principles: Do what matters, imagine that it’s possible, and act with humanity. All learners deserve to be seen, heard and supported,” Machaka concluded.

Various stakeholders were in attendance including Captain Deforce, Colonel Diphoko and constable Matebesi from SAPS. Various teachers incuding Motlaung Moipone, Sebatana Sebabatso, Leyoala Madithole were present.

Principal Choane Moatlhodi and school governing body chairperson, Chabalala Mohau was always present. The ward counsellor Mosala Theodorah and the departmental head, Monoametsi Jacob felt it was imperative to attend the event hosted by the Liberty Group. Molle Khobe from Department of Education district office and SAPS band was led by Colonel Moilwa

Compiled by Abigail Visagie