Give ‘em a squeeze this National Hug Day

Photo: Parenting For Brain

It is known that human contact has many health benefits and can improve both psychological and physical development. As parents we are always looking for opportunities to hug our little ones. January 21st marks an incredible day for people to share a hug.

National Hug Day is a day that was created by Kevin Zaborney for the world to come together in one emotion. Many ‘hugging’ events take place around Hug Day, including trying to break records like the world`s biggest group hug. This record was set back in 2010 for the largest group hug which was recorded by the Guinness World Record. A group of people from Canada, Ottawa at the Electric Forest Event attempted to break the record of 10, 544 people but failed.

There are also many benefits to hugging. Hugging is a way of healing many illnesses and stress, as well as helping to build trust and strengthen the immune system. Huggies® is a brand that is passionate about skin-to-skin and helping babies thrive. “At Huggies® we are part of the parenting journey from the very first moment and we believe that a baby receives their very first hug from their parents and their second hug from Huggies®. We believe in the Power of Hugs to ensure that all babies get the Hugs they need to thrive, from the most delicate to the most vulnerable. No baby should go unhugged,” says Caitlin Meredith, Brand Manager: POME, Huggies®.

Fun Facts about Hugging

  • Majority of people reach out their right arm for a hug.
  • A full body hug decreases stress levels or feelings of loneliness.
  • More hugs lower blood pressure.
  • Hugs are known to deepen relationships to help one feel secure.
  • Hugs may alleviate some people`s fears.

“We want to encourage South Africans to take a moment on the 21st of January and hug those around them in support of this day”, concludes Nomaswazi Kunene, Junior Brand Manager: Wipes.