#Gallery: UFS Mokete celebrating different cultures

Two of the colourful crowd wearing traditional attire PHOTO: HEIDRE MALGAS

The University of the Free State is hosting a Multilingual Mokete today to celebrate its commitment to creating a multilingual and multicultural environment at the Red Square which will be renamed to the Mokete square today. Bloemfontein Courant visited the event earlier today to capture the multiple items taking place.

The event is filled with colour, different types of cultural cuisine, traditional attire, music and a crowd flooded with colour from the outfits. According to a statement by the UFS, “the Mokete serves as an institutional initiative aimed at promoting a coordinated and inclusive celebration of the regional languages and cultures included in the UFS Language Policy.”

According to Dr Engela van Staden, Vice Rector of the Academic and Chairperson of the UFS Language committee, the University wants everybody to feel that they belong, and that they can be proud of their culture and language. “We also want them to know that every person counts; that everyone has a voice and that they can contribute to building a culture which inspires excellence,” she added.

The festival will commence throughout the day until 19:00. Part of the day will include staff and students from all three UFS campuses who will be participating in the form of visual arts, poetry, storytelling, drama music and song in the dominant languages spoken at the UFS.

Well-known performers will be the closing acts of the festival, acts such as Early B and Simple Stories.

Visit the UFS website for more information.