Gallery: Standard Bank celebrates 100 with ‘Oom Tinie’

During the 100 year celebration of the Standard Bank Brandfort branch were from the left distribution manager, Gary Bown, lifelong client “Oom Tinie” and Brandwag Cluster Manager, Patrick Baleni. PHOTOS: HEIDRE MALGAS

This morning Scott Marthinus Willem, fondly known as “Oom Tinie” came out to celebrate the 100 years of existence of the Standard Bank branch in Brandfort.

Oom Tinie, who has been banking with the bank for the past 71 years explained to the crowd that it is an extreme honour for him as the building which houses the bank was built in the same year that he was born.

He said that he has received nothing but good advice and friendly service at the bank and that he has been good friends with every manager that the bank has had ever since he started banking with them. “I am so thankful for the many years of service and the people have been so helpful and are still up until today,” he said.


The Brandwag Cluster Manager, Patrick Baleni, told Bloemfontein Courant that this is a real milestone for the bank and that they are extremely proud to be part of the history.  “A century is really no child’s play and we have overcome all the challenges that has come our way,” said Baleni.

He further thanked the community of Brandfort and said that the bank is what it is because of all the people of the community. “I want to thank everyone for their loyalty and support over the past 100 years,” he concluded. –

Sazly Hartzenberg