Gallery: Kyrios celebrating end of the year with a carnival

Alcina Rampa and Bohlokoa Ntlaloe had their own snack stall

The year 2020 has made everyone viewing the world and doing things differently. Instead of the normal, every year prize-giving at schools, Kyrios Independent School has switched things a bit by having a prize-giving carnival.

Mario Lategan, Executive Director of the school, said they contemplated on whether the school should have a prize-giving or not and because of what the year has been like, they all agreed to make this year different from their previous prize-giving ceremonies.

“We worked very hard this year, right through lockdown, and we felt this was well deserved. We decided to have it outside, not formal, and by means of a carnival where both the learners and parents could enjoy themselves,” he said.

He explained that every grade could get their awards throughout the day, so the entire school would not be together at once as they still had to adhere to Covid-19 regulations and practise social distancing.

There were various stalls with lots of goodies and spray-painting for both the learners and those who accompanied them to enjoy. Coffee, pancakes, cake and boerewors rolls made it a day for learners to remember. They had a blast at their out-of-the-ordinary prize-giving.

Heidre Malgas