GALLERY: Childline cleans up park for Mandela Day

The Childline Heidedal satellite office team.

The ChildLine Heidedal satellite office, after extensive planning, has cleaned up and improved the conditions of a park in the community in honour of Mandela Day.

To pull this off successfully, the organisation had to collect donations from various companies and reached out to members of the community to help clean up and repaint the playground equipment.

According to the organisation, the park has been used by them as a location for its afterschool care programme where they feed approximately 70 children from Mondays to Thursdays.

“As the Heidedal satellite office, we would like to challenge the community to keep your streets and nearby parks clean. This will help create a healthy and clean environment for our children.”

See images of the Mandela day project below.

Justine Fortuin