GALLERY: Another accident on icy Bfn road

PHOTO: Jaco Kaalsen/Med24

A Bloemfontein motorist has had a narrow escape after another serious accident occurred this morning in Kolbe Ave, due to water from a leak which froze overnight.

This is one of many accidents that took place over the last few days at the exact same spot in the city. According to Jaco Kaalsen from Med24, the vehicle collided with a lamp pole after the driver lost control on the icy road; this due to a burst pipe. “One female was seriously injured and had to be stabilized by ER24,” said Kaalsen.

On 23 July Bloemfontein Courant reported about another motorist who had lost control over his vehicle after slipping on the same spot. The motorist luckily just walked away with an injured shoulder.


Pierce van Heerden