G4S employees fear retrenchments


Duane Petrus – Scores of people fear that they might be retrenched from the same privately-run prison in Bloemfontein that dismissed hundreds of its employees last year.

An unknown number of people were employed by G4S last year to fill the posts of 326 employees who were fired in September for their participation in an illegal protest.

Shortly thereafter, G4S lost control over their contract and more warders from state-run prisons from all over the country were brought in.

Talks of retrenchments allegedly started when the 326 employees were reinstated and G4S regained control over the contract this month.

The disgruntled employees who are to be affected by the retrenchments were address by an employee of the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) this morning.

Both DCS and G4S declined to comment on the matter. The media was also barred from this morning’s gathering.