The future of water engineering

Tumelo Moholo (Deputy-Head boy); Zonisele Zweni (Maths teacher) and Mvula Litabe (Head boy). PHOTO: SEITHATI SEMENOKANE

After observing the little regard their community has for saving water and using it wisely, two Dr Blok Secondary School learners took the opportunity to work towards improving the knowledge their community has about water conservation.
Grade 11 learners, Mvula Litabe and Tumelo Moholo, who have also been selected as head boy and deputy head boy respectively, were one of four learners selected by their maths teacher, Zonisile Zweni, to enter the Water Aqua Indura competition hosted by the Department of Water and Sanitation.
“We noticed that water is being wasted in our community. Pipes are always bursting and people have a lack of education regarding the importance of water. Mr Zweni told us about the project. We did research on it and saw that future water engineers could be discovered by participating in this project. Since we’ve always wanted to work in the water industry, we decided to grab the opportunity,” said Mvula Litabe.
For the first part of the project, they had to make posters on research conducted, which showed how the water process works. The second process involved an interview with the department, where they had to do a PowerPoint presentation. And the third round involved interviews and questions.
“The project was about water quality and how the quality of water in the country could be improved. It was aimed at people interested in doing water engineering. We had to discuss why we want to be water engineers as well as what that entails. We first had to show how the water cycle works, and the second part looked at the process of water purification, explained Moholo.

Grade 11 Dr Blok learners, Tumelo Moholo and Mvula Ditabe, with their winning posters. PHOTO: SEITHATI SEMENOKANE

A few days after their interviews they received word from the department that they had been selected as part of a group of six leaners from the Free State who will be representing the province at the national competition.
They wanted to make their teacher, mentor, and father figure, Zonisele Zweni, proud. “He is not only our teacher; he is a motivator. We can always talk to him and he is never impatient. He is always willing to go above and beyond to help out his learners,” said Litabe.
They hope to instill knowledge in their communities about water conservation and the importance of water in the lives of people. They also hope to generate new ideas on water conservation and purification in the country, and hopefully the world.
Both learners have always had a love for science. Engineering has topped their career lists, with the hope that this opportunity will take them one step further to realising their dreams of becoming water engineers.

Seithati Semenokane