Sunday, April 11, 2021

How to console someone at a funeral during

Anyone who has lost a loved one during the unprecedented time of Covid-19 knows that planning a funeral around the current regulations is not an easy task. The regulations state that you are allowed to travel between provinces for a funeral if you are direct family such as a child, grandchild, spouse, partner etc. of the deceased and if you have the correct and valid documents to travel. The tricky part is that funerals are limited to 50 attendees, no evening vigils are allowed, and social distancing rules must still be adhered to, which means you can’t physically console the deceased’s family members. This makes it hard to say goodbye to a loved one and mourn together as family and friends.

!Night vigils are strictly prohibited!

Here are four ways to console the family members of the deceased

1. Give them a call

Once you hear that someone has passed away, you can phone their family and talk to them.

2. Share your fondest memories and photos

When someone is planning a funeral of a loved one, there might be a slide show or video and a speech at the funeral.

3. Provide support in any way possible

One of the most important things you can do during this time is to show your support in any way possible.

4. Always follow up with them

Just because the funeral is over does not mean the person who lost the deceased is no longer thinking of them.

All you need to know about funerals during Covid-19

When a loved one dies during these unprecedented times of Covid-19 it is hard to decide whether to have a funeral or memorial service now, or wait for the pandemic to end before commemorating your loved one with such a planned event. The difficulties generally associated with losing a loved one have been exacerbated by a plethora of Covid-19 rules and regulations – even more so when Covid-19 was the cause of death. Emergency medical service personnel and undertakers have adapted to make room for new procedures. In doing so, they lessen the burden carried by grieving families and friends.

Prior to the arrival of Covid-19, emergency medical service providers had to follow certain protocols when declaring a death. The mortal remains of the deceased are disinfected and stored following specific guidelines. While some chose to have it cremated, others chose traditional burials – some with open caskets. Funeral services could be attended by hundreds. Lockdown rules indicate that a funeral service held while South Africa remains under lockdown, may not be attended by more than 50 people who have sanitised their hands. Social distancing rules apply in that no two attendees may be closed than 1.5 metres from each other. Services may not exceed two hours and night vigils have been prohibited.

Only those with the required permits may travel between provinces to attend a funeral.

Here are five apps and websites to help plan a digital funeral:

Make a funeral website

The website called Ever Loved gives you the opportunity to create a free website for your deceased loved one. You can load memories, photos, date of birth, date of death, burial or cremation, and when or where you would like to have the funeral or service.

Make a memorial video

Video applications that available on your phone make it easy to compile a memorial video slide show. Use free apps such as Flipogram, SlideShow Maker, and Filmora Go where you can easily choose photos to upload and music to accompany the photos, and the app will do the rest.

Make a digital invitation

These days many invitations are done digitally. You can use graphic design platforms such as Canva to create your own or use one of the ready-made invitations that the Canva team created. The Canva app and website is completely free to use and can make anyone a graphic designer.

Make a funeral playlist

Spotify, Deezer, YouTube are just a few apps you can use to create your playlist of songs that you want to play at the funeral. You can control when which song plays and find pretty much any song between the three of them.Just connect to a Bluetooth speaker or auxiliary cable and play your music.

Stream the funeral online

If you used the website Ever Loved to create a page for your loved one, they give you the opportunity to stream the funeral. If not, you can try Skype, Zoom, or Facebook. You can either share the live link, invite people to join, or send them the link after the service.