Fuel price hike: What you’ll have to fork out to fill up

Filling up South Africa’s favourite minibus costs R198 more for a tank of diesel and R119 more for a tank of petrol from Wednesday. PHOTO: Toyota

Consumers were dealt a big blow when the fuel price took a turn for the worse at midnight on Tuesday.

Both grades of petrol were hiked by R1.71, which means motorists will have to fork out R24.14 for a litre of 93 octane and R24.54 for a litre of 95 from Wednesday.

The diesel price increased between R2.76 and R2.84 per litre which sees a litre of 500 ppm diesel going up to R23.05, with a litre of 50 ppm diesel expected to retail for R23.28.

Reasons for price hike

The fuel price price hike is the result of higher oil prices and a weaker rand, while a 5c/litre retail margin increase was also implemented. This increase is to accommodate the wage increases of administrative staff, cashiers and petrol attendants employed by service stations.

The Citizen Motoring has worked out what it will cost filling the tanks of seven popular vehicles.

Cost of filling up

Suzuki Celerio – R772
Even though this little hatch’s 32-litre petrol tank is one of the smallest around, it will still cost R54 more to fill up all the way after the fuel price hike.

VW Polo Vivo – R1 086
This Kariega-built hatchback, ones of South Africa’s most popular cars, comes with a 45-litre petrol tank. Today it will cost R76.95 more than yesterday to fill up.

Chery Tiggo 4 Pro – R1 251
One of South Africa’s most popular SUVs comes with a 51-litre petrol tank. The adjusted fuel price means that it will cost R87.21 more to fill it’s tank with 95 octane petrol when completely empty.

BMW 3 Series – R1 447/R1 432
Offered in both petrol and diesel derivatives, the sedan has a 59-litre fuel tank. In petrol guise, owners will have to fork out R100 more per tank. The oil-burning version will see owners part with R167 more.

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Toyota HiAce – R1 699/R1 629
Mzansi’s number choice in the minibus industry is comes in a choice of a diesel or petrol derivative. The adjusted fuel price means it will cost R198 more to fill the diesel model and R119 more to fill the petrol version’s tank.

Ford Ranger – R1 862
One of South Africa’s favourite bakkies, the Ranger has an 80-litre fuel tank. From today, it will cost R227 more to fill the tank up with diesel.

Toyota Land Cruiser 79 – R4 190
In 4.2-litre diesel guise, this Cruiser has two enormous 90-litre fuel tanks. To fill both up to the brim costs a full R511 more from today.

Fuel price over time

To see a breakdown of the history of the fuel price, visit the AA’s website.

The Citizen/ Jaco Van Der Merwe