FS woman loses R18K in ‘discount’ scam

Not a time to spend nonchalantly
An elderly woman lost R18,000 after being offered a 30% discount on her groceries at a grocery store in Parys, Free State, earlier this month.

As the 75-year-old was shopping for her groceries, another shopper told her she could help her get a 30% discount on all her groceries.

The shopper told how she had also benefited from this and offered to take her to the “manager” who was waiting at the magazine shelves, and who would help her arrange the discount.

The elderly woman did not suspect anything as the woman was dressed in black, like an employee.

The “manager” asked her to leave her trolley with her so that she could arrange the discount, while they had to wait for her at the shop entrance.

Because the elderly woman had difficulty walking, the woman who initially started the conversation suggested that she wait at a restaurant nearby, and leave her behind.

The “manager” then followed the elderly woman at the restaurant and requested that she hand over her handbag so she could go back to the store and pay for her groceries.

The two disappeared with the woman’s handbag, leaving the traumatised elderly woman without her house and car keys, her wallet with her bank cards and her cellphone.

She returned to the grocery store, where she called for help, and was immediately helped by the staff who helped her contact the police.

However, their attempts to search even at the taxi rank in the hope of locating the women were in vain. Shortly after the incident, transactions with the woman’s bank cards were done at an ATM, as well as a cardless transaction.

The culprits are still being sought.

The Citizen