FS teachers dismissed for having relationships with pupils



The MEC of Education in the Free State said any teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a pupil would be dismissed.

Tate Makgoe said they have dismissed many teachers who allegedly had relationships with pupils. He said it worried him in cases where there were relationships with primary school girls. Makgoe was speaking at a social cluster launch in Bloemfontein. He pleaded with unions not to defend the perpetrators.

“There was one instance where the facts were such that a school pupil might have lied. I said to myself, what if the teacher has lied, and so I dismissed the teacher. We have dismissed a lot of them but we wouldn’t want to reveal any numbers. I was happy that the South African Democratic Teachers’ Union was happy to proclaim in public that they would not defend those teachers accused of having relationships with pupils. We have been very harsh on this matter,” he said.

Makgoe added that there were cases where the department had to appeal if a teacher was found not guilty of having a sexual relationship with a pupil. They would reopen the case and dismiss the teacher.

“We want to ensure that our girl children also grow up as children and enjoy their lives like everybody else and will enjoy engaging in sex at the time that they feel they should be able to do so, which is when they have completed school. During their school days between nine to eighteen years old, it is a no sex zone,” he concluded.