FS police seek six after robbing spree


The police in the Free State have launched a manhunt for a group of six assailants in Qwa Qwa following spates of house robberies in Clubview near Bluegumbosch on Thursday 7 March 2019 in the early hours of the morning.

Police spokesperson, Mmako Mophiring, says two houses’ occupants were robbed at gunpoint from items including a television, tablet, cell phone, and laptop. He says in the first incident, a 39-year-old man was assaulted and robbed after the suspects gained entry while he was asleep, and the second victim’s husband was on his way home when he was cornered and forced to knock on the door for his wife to open. Mophiring says no-one has been arrested at this stage but cases of house robbery are still under investigation.

Meanwhile, the first victim who is known to OFM News, on Sunday vented out with regard to an incident on Facebook, saying he was angry and South Africans must claim back the streets from criminals.

Mophiring says the victim in the first incident saw somebody inside the house as the light was switched on and took an iron throwing it towards his assailant but the assailant ran outside the house. “Suddenly, he came back with other five unknown men who were covering their faces with balaclavas and one of the five suspects used a sharp object to hit him with it on his head. He sustained an open wound,” adds Mophiring.

“The other one drew a firearm and instructed him to cooperate or else he will shoot him.” He says when the suspects were fleeing the scene, they met the second victim heading home. “They followed and instructed him to knock at the door for his wife to open, as she was not aware that he was accompanied by the suspects,” he concluded.

Lucky Nkunyane / OFM News