FS municipality replaces old water pipes

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The Nketoana Municipality in the eastern Free State yesterday shut down the water supply in order to replace 70-year-old water pipes, from the Middle Point Station to the Reitz Reservoir.

This is according to the Municipal Service Delivery Coordinator, Bela Mokhali, who told OFM News that the process took about seven hours and was successfully completed.

Mokhali added that the replacement of these pipes has brought relief to communities in the municipal area as it was the cause of numerous water supply challenges throughout the years, which in turn, cost the municipality a lot of money.

Mokhali further indicated that residents of the municipality should be aware of approaching water challenges in October and November this year, due to the Lesotho Highlands Dam, that supplies water to the Free State, being under construction. “We have enough water in our reserves for those two months, but we are already embarking on communicating with our communities in terms of water restrictions, in order to save water from our reservoirs,” he explained.

Mokhali also added that the municipality will communicate with the communities through news reports, announcements and further engagements through public meetings, to highlight how they will proceed with the water restriction programme.

OFM News/Elsabé Richard