FS man nabbed for robbery after impersonating a police officer


Police in the Free State have arrested a 29-year-old man who was found impersonating a police officer. Police spokesperson, Thabo Covane, said the man, known as Tshepang, was arrested in Phase 9 in Bloemfontein on Sunday after police found a police reflector jacket, two police belts, police tracksuit and two SANDF military caps and hard cash in his possession. Covane said, prior to his arrest, Tshepang had robbed a victim of his money after threatening the victim with arrest and accusing him of robbing people.
Covane said Tshepang accused the victim of robbing a few other people and taking money from those people. Tshepang demanded a wallet from the victim. When the victim resisted, Tshepang allegedly grabbed him and threatened to shoot him with his firearm upon which the victim gave Tshepang the wallet. Tshepang then closed the back of the patrol vehicle and left the victim there for a short while. He returned, opened the vehicle, gave the wallet back and allowed the victim to go, ‘releasing’ him. When the victim counted the money, he discovered that a quarter of the amount he initially had, was missing,” Covane said.
Covane said the brother of the victim questioned the modus operandi as he was not convinced that a police officer would behave and act in such a manner. He added that the brother encouraged the victim to lay a complaint with the police. The police were called to the scene after Tshepang had been arrested by members of the public. They handed Tshepang to the police.
“The suspect alleges that he was a police reservist in Jagersfontein. He came to Bloemfontein with the hope that he would be hired as a permanent member. The investigation into the police persal system using Tshepang’s identity number indicates that he was never part of the South African Police Service, not even as a reservist. The suspect is expected to appear in the magistrate’s court tomorrow on a charge of robbery. – Lucky Nkuyane