FS Health speaks up after viral video

The footage shows a nurse at a clinic being kept from leaving a room by a young mother.

The Free State Department of Health expressed dismay after a video depicting a nurse getting verbally abused did the rounds on social media yesterday. The footage shows a nurse at a clinic being kept from leaving a room by a young mother.

The woman while holding an infant blocks off the door while shouting at the healthcare worker. Department spokesperson Mondli Mvambi, stated that the woman’s behaviour was inappropriate. “It is significant for us to point out to the fact that the behaviour of the Mother who seems to be holding the Nurse hostage inside the clinic in demand of service is unwarranted and uncalled for.  The nurse has correctly explained the correct protocol in terms of how we administer the Measles Vaccine,” he said.

The mother was apparently upset that her child was not given a vaccine although she had allegedly missed her clinic appointment date. Mvambi explained that appointments are important in order to use resources properly. “Our Nursing Staff in all the Clinics group children in segments of ten, so that they can open One bottle of the vaccine to be administered to Ten children, instead of opening One bottle that is meant for Ten children that then gets to be administered on One child.  The Mothers of children are given appointments on when they should be at the clinic in order for this procedure to be done cost effectively to benefit all the children of the province,” said Mvambi.

“We are concerned at the level of increased violence, abuse and harassment that is inflicted upon our Nursing Staff and we plead with the communities to respect the dignity of our nurses as we plead with nurses every day to respect and uphold the dignity of our patients and clients,” he added.

The Department has opened an investigation after the incident in order to find better solutions for staff to handle similar occurrences in future. – Nomaqhawe Mtebele