FS Health presents a first with Batho Clinic

Free State Premier Ace Magashule, Batho clinic operational manager Joyce Ramakau and Kgoadi Maledu,chairperson of the Batho Clinic committee at the official opening of the 24 hour Batho clinic facility. PHOTO: PULANE CHOANE

Free State Premier, Ace Magashule, along with provincial Health MEC, Butana Komphela, opened the first ever 24-hour state clinic facility in the province on Wednesday morning.
Komphela said this facility will provide much-needed services to nearby communities who often cannot reach other nearby state hospitals.
“The purpose of this facility also is to ensure that patients are attended to as soon as possible. Patients leaving this clinic should be treated here and nowhere else. We hope that the staff will attend to patients in such a way that they will not have to wait for a long time or have to be referred to another health facility for something that could be done here,” Komphela said.
This facility will also benefit working persons who often fail to honour appointments at clinics because of inflexible working hours.
He said that opening more 24-hour facilities around the province is in his department’s long-term plans. However, in the short term, the department is working on extending working hours until 20:00 across the province.
Operational manager at the clinic, Joyce Ramakau, said the clinic currently has over 30 staff members.
Ramakau added that the clinic serves a population of over 25 000 community members, with a 150 of these visiting the clinic on a daily basis, hence there was a need for the opening of such a facility. – Pulane Choane