FS Educations hosts first history symposium


The Free State Department of Education will host a Provincial History Symposium in an effort to combat the challenges faced by society. The symposium will run on 5 and 6 September 2019 at Bain’s Game Lodge in Bloemfontein, and will be the first of its kind.

The theme will be the “Decolonization of History as a school subject and its relevance towards the fourth industrial revolution”, in order to rekindle love of one’s country, instill the values of patriotism, one’s history and culture as well as the understanding of one’s identity.

According to a statement the symposium will also highlight the “Four Cs” of critical twenty first century skills. These include people who are critical thinkers (solving problems), communicators (understanding and communicating ideas, collaborators (working with others) as well as creators (producing high quality work).

These skills will empower learners to work through challenges, discover truth in assertion, especially when it comes to separating fact from opinion. Learners will not just learn a set of facts or figures, but instead they will learn how to discover the facts and figures for themselves. They will learn the importance of asking questions while becoming engaged in the world around them. They will in turn help others to think for themselves as well.

The history symposium will be in line with the National Development Plan vision 2030 which states that the Humanities are important for understanding some of the difficult challenges the country faces such as:

  • Transformation
  • Violence
  • Corruption
  • Service delivery
  • Innovation
  • The gap between the rich and the poor and
  • The issues of race