FS Disaster Management ready to face challenges


The Free State Provincial Disaster Management Center says they are ready to face any challenges throughout the province following thunderstorms and heavy rain in the province over the last two weeks.

OFM News reports that according to a spokesperson for the Free State Disaster Management, Markes Butler, the weather has devastated the province with heavy rainfall and floods.

Butler adds the department has early warning systems in place which gives them constant updates with regards to weather patterns over the Free State.

He urges community members to keep safe during the unpredictable weather changes, and advises people not to cross or swim in rivers with strong currents.

“We urge people to stay indoors, keep safe and try to keep off roads to avoid any fatalities that might come with the rain”, Butler adds.

OFM News earlier reported that heavy rainfall is expected throughout the weekend and can possibly cause more flooding.

In a tweet, the South African Weather Service (SAWS) issued a Yellow Level 4 warning for Disruptive Rain in the eastern parts of the Free State for Thursday, set to remain in place until Friday evening.

OFM News/Blaine Jones