FS Correctional Services confirms possible explosive object was found at facility


The Department of Correctional Services in the Free State has confirmed an object, possibly of explosive nature, has been found at the residential premises at the Grootvlei Correctional Centre outside Bloemfontein.

Acting Free State and Northern Cape Deputy Regional Commissioner, Gustav Wilson, says the object was found this morning.

An official who stays at the Grootvlei premises dug a hole to bury his dog. Upon digging the hole, he came across an object that appeared to be a bomb.

Wilson says the official immediately informed the Area Commissioner, Errol Korabie, after which the police’s explosive unit was alerted to the scene. Korabie told the official to leave everything as is until the relevant authorities arrive.

He adds police have been on the scene and have not yet identified the object, but further steps and processes will be taken as soon as the object is known.

No lives were in danger.